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.NET Weekly #90 (30.07 - 05.08)

Cloud & Web

  1. Build Real-time Applications with ASP.NET Core SignalR
  2. Build a GraphQL Weather API with OpenWeatherMap and AWS AppSync
  3. Cloud Services Platform - bringing the best of the cloud to you
  4. Page Lifecycle API
  5. The Road to QUIC
  6. Zero Downtime Deployments In An IIS World
  7. Why you should run https on localhost
  8. Centralized exception handling and request validation in ASP.NET Core
  9. The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018
  10. Web Assembly and Blazor - Re-assembling the Web
  11. AWS Lambda Warmer as Pulumi Component

Tooling & Libraries

  1. 2.4 Released
  2. Supercharging the Git Commit Graph IV - Bloom Filters
  3. Consider building gRPC server on top of Project Bedrock
  4. BenchmarkDotNet v0.11.0 - the biggest release ever
  5. Introducing an API for loading .dll files (and their dependencies) as ‘plugins’
  6. Acra, a database security daemon
  7. Program the Cloud with 12 Pulumi Pearls
  8. Kubernetes is Now Available In Docker Desktop Stable Channel
  9. An update on what’s happening with protobuf-net

Architecture & Databases

  1. Faster PostgreSQL Counting
  2. Daisy Architecture
  3. Yifan Xing - Distributed Systems Consensus Algorithms
  5. Herb: -Multi-DC Replication Engine for Uber’s Schemaless Datastore
  6. How to architect the perfect Data Warehouse
  7. Evolution of Application Data Caching - From RAM to SSD
  8. Testing in Production the Netflix Way
  9. Guys, REST APIs are not Databases

Programming Languages

  1. Angular addition monoid
  2. Performance implications of default struct equality in C#
  3. JavaScript fundamentals before learning React
  4. Thoughts on Compile-Time Function Evaluation and Type Systems
  5. Put it down in layman’s terms – code smells series
  6. Every method begins with “new” – Code smells series
  7. Dependency injection doesn’t strictly require frameworks – Code smells series
  8. Dependency Injection revisited
  9. C# 8 - Indexes and Ranges
  10. Static Dependency Access
  11. Announcing F# 4.5 Preview
  12. Announcing TypeScript 3.0


  1. Jit/Runtime changes to enable Utf8String
  2. Advisory on July 2018 .NET Framework Updates
  3. Exploring .NET Core platform intrinsics Part 4 - Alignment and pipelining
  4. Improving .NET Core Kestrel performance using a Linux-specific transport
  5. Pipelines - a guided tour of the new IO API in .NET, part 3
  6. Tiered Compilation Preview in .NET Core 2.1
  7. Managed vs Unmanaged code and interop


  1. Getting to Go - The Journey of Go’s Garbage Collector
  2. Hyperledger Fabric A Distributed Operating System for Permissioned Blockchains v2
  3. The Reading List by Zoran Horvat
  4. Isolating application sub-components with membranes
  5. Does Software Understand Complexity?
  6. Augmenting Agile with Formal Methods
  7. Myths Programmers Believe about CPU Caches
  8. Why All Engineers Must Understand Management - The View from Both Ladders
  9. The Software Engineer’s Guide to Interviewing Software Engineers