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.NET Weekly #94 (27.08 - 02.09)

Cloud & Web

  1. React vs Vue - Programming Experience
  2. Serverless - Cold Start War
  3. React Fire - Modernizing React DOM
  4. How to secure Microservices on AWS with Cognito, API Gateway, and Lambda
  5. Markdown and Cross Site Scripting
  6. Running smoke tests for ASP.NET Core apps in CI using Docker

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Babel 7 Released
  2. Introducing Source Code Link for NuGet packages
  3. What sets top-performing DevOps teams apart
  4. Open source cryptography takes a step forward with the release of OpenPGPjs 4.0
  5. Checkout WinDBG Preview - works with aspnet core and sos like a charm
  6. How to Do Neural Binary Classification Using Keras
  7. Keystone - Open-source Secure Hardware Enclave

Architecture & Databases

  1. Modelling Reactive Systems with Event Storming and Domain-Driven Design
  2. What do you believe now that you didn’t five years ago? Centralized wins. Decentralized loses
  3. Why use GraphQL, good and bad reasons
  4. What’s in a Production Web Application?
  5. Postgres data types you should consider using
  6. Fast Full-Text Search in PostgreSQL
  7. Understanding System Columns in PostgreSQL
  8. Multitenancy Options for PostgreSQL
  9. Life Beyond Distributed Transactions An Apostate’s Implementation - Dispatcher Failure Recovery
  10. Microservices in a Post-Kubernetes Era

Programming Languages

  1. On Constructor Over-injection
  2. How to write a debuggable programming language
  3. cmm_of_wasm - From WebAssembly to Native Code via the OCaml Backend
  4. Improving .NET Disruptor performance — Part 3 Introducing the ValueDisruptor
  5. On the Worst-Case Complexity of TimSort
  6. TypeScript at Google
  7. Orange Code
  8. Lava Flow - The Daily Software Anti-Pattern
  9. Stovepipe Enterprise - The Daily Software Anti-Pattern
  10. God Objects - The Daily Software Anti-Pattern


  1. .NET Core 3.0 Intrinsics in Real Life - 1/3
  2. Deep-dive into .NET Core primitives, part 2 - the shared framework
  3. why is it that .NET Core 2.1 and 2.2 cannot support the upcoming version of .NET Standard 2.1
  4. Fuzzing the .NET JIT Compiler
  5. .NET Framework August 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup


  1. What is the dark web? The good and bad of the Internet’s most private corner
  2. Go 2 Draft Designs
  3. GopherCon 2018 - Allocator Wrestling
  4. Java’s new Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) is very exciting
  5. How to teach yourself hard things
  6. Soft Skills Demystified