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.NET Weekly #98 (24.09 - 30.09)

Cloud & Web

  1. Azure SignalR Service now generally available
  2. AWS Amplify Announces Vue.js Support for Building Cloud-powered Web Applications
  3. Building with blockchain on Azure
  4. Deploying an ASP.NET Core application to Windows IIS
  5. Introducing Azure Functions 2.0

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Roslyn Analyzer Rulesets and stylecop.json support in Rider 2018.2
  2. Introduction to HAProxy Stick Tables
  3. Kubernetes 1.12 Arrives With TLS and Better Cloud Integrations
  4. TensorFlow 1.11.0
  5. Re-Open-Sourcing MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0
  6. Exploring .NET Core’s SourceLink - Stepping into the Source Code of NuGet packages you don’t own

Architecture & Databases

  1. Microsoft announces the first public preview of SQL Server 2019 at Ignite 2018
  2. NewSQL database systems are failing to guarantee consistency, and I blame Spanner
  3. Postgres 11 - a First Look
  4. The design and implementation of modern column-oriented database systems
  5. Architecture of Nautilus, the new Dropbox search engine
  6. Encryption and Databases Are Actually Similar
  7. Gold Plating - The Daily Software Anti-Pattern
  8. The redux of the fallacies of distributed computing
  9. Bikeshedding - The Daily Software Anti-Pattern

Programming Languages

  1. Asynchronous functors
  2. Deep learning experiments in OCaml
  3. API Proposal - Add IPEndPoint.Parse And .TryParse()
  4. Using Scrutor to automatically register your services with the ASP.NET Core DI container
  5. How we rolled out one of the largest Python 3 migrations ever
  6. How Microsoft rewrote its CSharp compiler in CSharp and made it open source
  7. Announcing TypeScript 3.1
  8. Functional Domain Modeling
  9. REST API with MongoDB and F# on .NET Core


  1. Getting things sorted in V8
  2. .NET Framework September 2018 Preview of Quality Rollup


  1. Software disenchantment
  2. Why I’m done with Chrome
  3. Introducing the YubiKey 5 Series with New NFC and FIDO2 Passwordless Features
  4. Mmm… Pi-hole…
  5. Introducing the Bandwidth Alliance - sharing the benefits of interconnected networks
  6. The relative performance of C and Rust