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.NET Weekly #106 (10.12 - 16.12)

Cloud & Web

  1. A new Security Header - Clear Site Data
  2. How Does React Tell a Class from a Function
  3. Minimising your attack surface by building highly specialised docker images — example for .NET Core 2.1 applications
  4. Immutable Web Apps
  5. Lazy load images with zero Javascript
  6. Mixins and custom functions to enhance your Vue applications
  7. Useful ASP.NET Core 2.2 Features

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Spectrum is joining GitHub
  2. Announcing WPF, WinForms, and WinUI are going Open Source
  3. Announcing ML.NET 0.8 – Machine Learning for .NET
  4. HashiCorp Vault 1.0
  5. The Rise of Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  6. Jira is an anti-pattern
  7. DigitalOcean launches its container service
  8. Announcing GitLab Serverless
  9. Spying on .NET Garbage Collector with TraceEvent
  10. Bootstrap 3.4.0

Architecture & Databases

  1. Using Elasticsearch as the Primary Data Store
  2. Reliable Webhooks Using Serverless Architecture
  3. Back to the Future with Relational NoSQL
  4. Titan - A Distributed Redis Protocol Compatible NoSQL Database
  5. Front-End Micro Services
  6. ArangoDB 3.4 GA Full-text Search, GeoJSON, Streaming & More
  7. Our learnings from adopting GraphQL
  8. Microservices Circuit-Breaker Pattern Implementation - Istio vs Hystrix
  9. Partitioned consensus and its impact on Spanner’s latency
  10. The Revival of Great SQL Ideas

Programming Languages

  1. Garbage Collection is a Hack
  2. Open Source .NET – 4 years later
  3. Postmortem - Comparison Site Memory Leak
  4. Exploring C#’s ref return to better understand it
  5. Take C# 8.0 for a spin
  6. Full F# Blog
  7. Testing Yourself
  8. Strongly typed HTML templates with FSharp without a framework
  9. The Problem Of Async Programming, And A Crazy Idea For Solving It
  10. You Can Do It in SQL, Stop Writing Extra Code for That
  11. Unit Testing Anti-Patterns, Full List


  1. JIT Compiler encountered an internal limitation. EF Core Migrations
  2. Announcing .NET Core 2.2
  3. what trade-offs the JIT has to make when in-lining and how it makes those decisions
  4. Missing GC events from EventListener when in Server Mode
  5. Optimize number parsing
  6. Solving a Transactions Performance Mystery
  7. .NET Core Diagnostics Vision
  8. .NET Inside Out Part 2 — Handling and rethrowing exceptions in C#
  9. Exploring the .NET Core Runtime


  1. 60 million fields and 27 crops. How we made the OneSoil Map
  2. Announcing PhysX SDK 4.0, an Open-Source Physics Engine
  3. The Microsoft Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library goes open source
  4. The Coming Software Apocalypse
  5. Introducing Stack Decisions
  6. A Thanksgiving Carol
  7. A blogging style guide
  8. Test your hacking skills on real-world simulated bugs
  9. Rethinking how we interview in Microsoft’s Developer Division
  10. Open source confronts its midlife crisis