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.NET Weekly #109 (31.12 - 06.01)

Cloud & Web

  1. Contemporary Views on Serverless and Implications
  2. Seven reasons to learn Vue.js in 2019
  3. Vue.js 3.0 Roadmap
  4. Open redirects - the vulnerability class no one but attackers cares about
  5. Reuse HttpContext object per HTTP 1 connection and HTTP 2 stream
  6. Using dependency injection with Twilio SMS and ASP.NET Core 2.1

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Which tool do you use to create beautiful diagrams?
  2. Linux KVM Continues Offering Much Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance Than VirtualBox
  3. K8S - Confused Deputies Strike Back
  4. Future of F# cross-platform editor tooling
  5. Let’s Encrypt - Looking Forward to 2019
  6. A Look at what’s new in Rider 2018.3 - Code Completion, TODO and More
  7. JetBrains Developer Ecosystem Survey 2019 Launched
  8. fbt, a JavaScript internationalization framework
  9. mkcert - valid HTTPS certificates for localhost

Architecture & Databases

  1. PostgreSQL Replication for Disaster Recovery
  2. Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 1
  3. An Overview of Just-in-Time Compilation (JIT) for PostgreSQL
  4. From relational DB to single DynamoDB table - a step-by-step exploration
  5. 2018 in Review - The Biggest Developments around Microservices, API Gateways, Kubernetes and Service Mesh
  6. Modeling data using a multi model database
  7. MySQL Performance Cheat Sheet
  8. How to Slow Down to Go Faster Than Ever in Software Development
  9. Protecting SQL Server Data Using Static Data Masking

Programming Languages

  1. LVC - Linear Verified Compiler
  2. Getting Started with CQRS – Part 2
  3. Yet Another F# Web Framework
  4. Accessibility of nested classes
  5. C++, C# and Unity
  6. Energy Efficiency across Programming Languages


  1. CLR ABI
  2. Optimizing the WinDbg DML parser
  3. Trash talk - the Orinoco garbage collector
  4. Exploiting the Math.expm1 typing bug in V8
  5. Open Source CLRs - Seattle Mobile .NET
  6. Unmanaged constructed types


  1. Introduction to Quantum Cryptography
  2. Even more fun with building and benchmarking Firefox with GCC and Clang
  3. Java in 2019 - Some Predictions
  4. Improving your open source experience
  5. How to see Systems in everyday life
  6. Open Source Business Models Considered Harmful
  7. The epoll alternative you’ve never heard about