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.NET Weekly #112 (21.01 - 27.01)

Cloud & Web

  1. Twitter migrates data to Google Cloud to keep the world tweeting
  2. Nobody Cares About OAuth or OpenID Connect
  3. Memory usage of a toy C# server and client with 500K concurrent connections on
  4. Running async tasks on app startup in ASP.NET Core (Part 3 - Feedback)
  5. Subscribe SQS to a SNS topic in another AWS account with CloudFormation, and gotchas

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Zorp GPL - The security middleware
  2. GitLab 11.7 shipped with Releases, Multi-level Child Epics, and NPM Registry
  3. TiDB open sources its MySQL/MariaDB compatible data migration tool
  4. 10 Essential VS Code Extensions for JavaScript Developers in 2019
  5. Practical Linux Hardening Guide
  6. Yarn’s Future - v2 and beyond
  7. Building with FAKE on Azure DevOps
  8. NuGet’s fancy older sibling FuGet gives you a whole new view of the .NET packaging ecosystem
  9. Top GUI Tools for PostgreSQL

Architecture & Databases

  1. MongoDB vs. Amazon DocumentDB - MongoDB CTO Breaks It Down
  2. 7 Habits of Effective Software Architects and Developers
  3. Microsoft acquires Citus Data, re-affirming its commitment to Open Source and accelerating Azure PostgreSQL performance and scale
  4. InfluxDB 2.0 Alpha Release and the Road Ahead
  5. Amazon Architecture
  6. How much maintenance_work_mem do I need in Postgres
  7. CockroachDB’s Consistency Model
  8. Why we choose Badger over RocksDB in Dgraph
  9. Some thoughts on anti-patterns
  10. Developing Microservices with Behavior Driven Development and Interface Oriented Design

Programming Languages

  1. Why every new web app at PayPal starts with TypeScript
  2. Meta Programming in JavaScript with Proxies
  3. Panzer General Domain-Driven Design
  4. An interesting list structure, part 1
  5. An interesting list structure, part 2
  6. Announcing TypeScript 3.3 RC
  7. The TypeScript Tax - A Cost vs Benefit Analysis
  8. Special Cases Are a Code Smell
  9. Do more with patterns in C# 8.0
  10. COM Object Access and dynamic in .NET Core 2.x
  11. The Power of F# Discriminated Unions


  1. Reduces number of array-related FCalls by using more C#
  2. “Stack Walking” in the .NET Runtime
  3. .NET Core 3.0 Intrinsics in Real Life - 3/3
  4. Implementing hard limit for GC heap
  5. JavaScript V8 Engine Explained
  6. Debugging .NET Apps with Time Travel Debugging
  7. What Do These … Classes Do in my Memory Snapshots


  1. Zero-shot transfer across 93 languages - Open-sourcing enhanced LASER library
  2. Seamlessly Integrated Deep Learning Environment with Terraform, Google cloud, Gitlab and Docker
  3. 10x Paychecks for 10x Programmers
  4. Why we use Ruby on Rails to build GitLab
  5. Isolates and Compressed References - More Flexible and Efficient Memory Management via GraalVM
  6. More-Efficient “Kernel Methods” Dramatically Reduce Training Time for Natural-Language-Understanding Systems