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.NET Weekly #121 (25.03 - 31.03)

Cloud & Web

  1. Concurrency and Isolation in Serverless Functions
  2. gRPC Bi-directional streaming with Razor Pages and a Hosted Service gRPC client
  3. Standardizing WASI - A system interface to run WebAssembly outside the web
  4. Logging best practices to get the most out of application level logging – Slides
  5. New Amazon S3 Storage Class – Glacier Deep Archive
  6. .NET Core Workers as Windows Services
  7. Exploring the .NET Core MCR Docker files (updated) - runtime vs aspnet vs sdk
  8. High-Throughput with Azure Blob Storage

Tooling & Libraries

  1. VueJS DevTools 5.0
  2. Run static methods from gutter, IL Viewer, install SDKs and more improvements in Rider 2019.1
  3. Kubernetes 1.14 - Production-level support for Windows Nodes, Kubectl Updates, Persistent Local Volumes GA
  4. Open Distro for Elasticsearch Review
  5. Ionide — A New Hope
  6. 6 new Bitbucket Cloud features that spark joy
  7. Open Sourcing Peloton, Uber’s Unified Resource Scheduler
  8. Announcing Lucet - Fastly’s native WebAssembly compiler and runtime
  9. Vue.js developer tool, prototype your component architecture
  10. AutoMapper’s Design Philosophy

Architecture & Databases

  1. YugaByte DB 1.1.9
  2. Amazon Aurora - design considerations for high throughput cloud-native relational databases
  3. Full Cycle Developers at Netflix — Operate What You Build
  4. Was MongoDB Ever the Right Choice
  5. Amazon Aurora - on avoiding distributed consensus for I/Os, commits, and membership changes
  6. Forget the File System - The Future of Scalable Cloud Storage Will Be Objects
  7. Do we still need Software Architects
  8. Timestamps and Time Zones in PostgreSQL
  9. A health check playbook for your Postgres database
  10. Calvin - fast distributed transactions for partitioned database systems
  11. Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 4

Programming Languages

  1. Fixing Random, part 16
  2. Using .NET PInvoke for Linux system functions
  3. Storing UTC is not a silver bullet
  4. Fixing Random, part 17
  5. The Programming Language Conundrum
  6. Announcing TypeScript 3.4
  7. F# Implementation of Scala ZIO
  8. An example of state based-testing in F#


  1. General inlining of tail calls
  2. Avoid three expensive allocations in UriHelper
  3. Switch to the dotnet/performance repo
  4. Behind the burst compiler
  5. Nullable - System.Object


  1. How to Deliver Constructive Feedback in Difficult Situations
  2. Thoughts on Conway’s Law and the software stack
  3. On Internal Engineering practices at Amazon
  4. Build an air quality monitor with InfluxDB, Grafana, and Docker on a Raspberry Pi
  5. The next CEO of Stack Overflow
  6. Mailchimp Statement on Shopify Partnership
  7. On learning new technologies - why breadth beats depth