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.NET Weekly #130 (10.06 - 16.06)

Cloud & Web

  1. Automatic reconnects with SignalR 3.0
  2. AWS costs every programmer should know
  3. How I finally got my head around Scoped Slots in Vue
  4. React for Vue developers
  5. Filtering action methods with feature flags
  6. The state of CSS - 2019
  7. High-performance logging with LoggerMessage in ASP.NET Core
  8. AWS Lambda vs Azure Functions for C# Serverless

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Project Svalbard - The Future of Have I Been Pwned
  2. From Docker Container to Bootable Linux Disk Image
  3. Observability Doesn’t Work in Dev
  4. Visual Studio Code Remote Development over SSH to a Raspberry Pi is butter
  5. Introducing Microsoft.FeatureManagement
  6. Ionide 4.0 change log
  7. The shockingly fun diagram tool that will change your life as a programmer - PlantUML
  8. How we migrated to CommonMark
  9. Announcing ML.NET 1.1 and Model Builder updates

Architecture & Databases

  1. Micro Frontends
  2. ejabberd & Nintendo Switch NPNS
  3. Building Sentry - Symbolicator
  4. Making Direct Messages Reliable and Fast
  5. Monitor CPU usage on SQL Server and Azure SQL
  6. The Azure Architect Map

Programming Languages

  1. Empty try with finally
  2. CQRS with MediatR (for Commands) and Odata (for Queries)
  3. Trace .NET Core Applications on Linux with strace
  4. Merging domain events before dispatching
  5. Customize object displays in the Visual Studio debugger YOUR way
  6. Try the new System.Text.Json APIs


  1. Show nested exceptions more clearly
  2. New IL instruction for typeswitch
  3. Announcing .NET Core 3.0 Preview 6
  4. Investigate and fix issues for ARM64 Managed Debugging on Windows
  5. Performance speed limits


  1. Battle testing data integrity verification with ZFS, Btrfs and mdadm+dm-integrity
  2. Why black metal is great music for programming (but doom metal isn’t)
  3. Software below the poverty line
  4. OCaml version 4.08.0
  5. Where Do You Seek Help First
  6. Jump to definition in public repositories