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.NET Weekly #137 (29.07 - 04.08)

Cloud & Web

  1. Building Microservices On .NET Core – Part 1 The Plan
  2. SPA SEO - A Single-Page App Guide to Google’s 1st Page
  3. Understanding Server Side Rendering
  4. A practical guide to CSS transitions and animations
  5. What should we know about AWS Security? (Part 2)
  6. OWASP Cheat Sheet
  7. ASP.NET Core 3.0 Exception Handling
  8. An alternative way to build and bundle Javascript, CSS in ASP.NET Core MVC and Razor Page projects

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Swift Client for the Asp.NET Core version of SignalR – Part 1 - Getting Started
  2. Blazor Components - New Blazor Scheduler Control, Data Grid Enhancements and more
  3. Announcing HashiCorp Vault 1.2
  4. Electron 6.0.0
  5. Announcing PartiQL - One query language for all your data
  6. Roslyn Analyzer Performance
  7. CBOR - Concise Binary Object Representation
  8. MasterMemory — Embedded Typed Readonly In-Memory Document Database for .NET Core and Unity

Architecture & Databases

  1. The Data Engineering Cookbook
  2. How we send 22000 emails every hour
  3. Fast and flexible observability with canonical log lines
  4. High performance, exactly-once, failure oblivious distributed programming with AMBROSIA
  5. From 30 to 230 docker container per host
  6. Why use a service mesh? A few arguments
  7. Cloud Vendor Deep-Dive - PostgreSQL on AWS Aurora

Programming Languages

  1. B-threads - programming in a way that allows for easier changes
  2. Create Interfaces with default implementations
  3. Lock-free multithreading with atomic operations
  4. JavaScript - What’s new in ES2019
  5. What Makes Functional and Object-oriented Programming Equal
  6. Big O Notation
  7. Shell Sort - The Sorting Algorithm Family Reunion
  8. Effective mocking
  9. Comb Sort - The Sorting Algorithm Family Reunion


  1. Remove tailcall limitations on unix64 and arm64
  2. WebAssembly and SIMD
  3. Allow setting TaskScheduler.Current
  4. Smart LLVM #1 - Optimizing range checks
  5. Using the ReferenceAssemblies NuGet package to build .NET Framework libraries on Linux, without installing Mono


  1. Burnout
  2. How I side project
  3. The Joy of Programming
  4. Web Scraping and Crawling Are Perfectly Legal, Right
  5. .NET Annotated Monthly – August 2019
  6. Go - Why Generics
  7. Brief thoughts on getting hired as a senior coder
  8. An Important Update on MSDN Magazine