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.NET Weekly #147 (07.10 - 13.10)

Cloud & Web

  1. Big HTTPS changes coming in Chrome
  2. gRPC Response Compression with ASP.NET Core 3.0
  3. Elliptic Curve Cryptography Explained
  4. Reasons to learn Redux as a JavaScript Developer
  5. ASP.NET Core perf and reliability
  6. Forcing Re-computation of Vue’s computed properties
  7. How GraphQL Saved My Project

Tooling & Libraries

  1. HashiCorp Vault and TLS Certificate Authentication for .NET Applications
  2. Amazon EKS Windows Container Support now Generally Available
  3. VSCode 1.39
  4. MS.Orleans v3.0.0-rc1
  5. AwesomeJS
  6. System.IO.Pipelines in .NET
  7. SvelteJS - The next big UI framework
  8. Adding Static Code Analysis to Stack Overflow
  9. Packaging CLI programs into Docker images to avoid dependency hell

Architecture & Databases

  1. A Multithreaded Fork of Redis That’s 5X Faster Than Redis
  2. Scribe - Transporting petabytes per hour via a distributed, buffered queueing system
  3. AWS Elasticsearch - a fundamentally-flawed offering
  4. Monorepo or Multirepo? Role-Based Repositories Summary
  5. Complex decisions and random chance

Programming Languages

  1. Implementation of efficient algorithm for changepoint detection - ED-PELT
  2. Devil’s advocate
  3. null coalescing assignment
  4. Normality is a myth
  5. Causal Profiling in .NET
  6. JS illustrated - Promises
  7. Concurrency Part 7 — Semaphores trickery
  8. Avoiding the Repository Pattern with an ORM


  1. Prague .NET Meetup with Maoni Stephens
  2. Add support for multithreaded compilation to ILC
  3. Virtual and non-virtual
  4. Interface layout
  5. Value Types
  6. Expand BBJ_RETURN blocks with bool conditions
  7. Mono 6.4.0 Release Notes


  1. Generating Guitar Chords with Cartesian Products
  2. Ken Thompson’s Unix password
  3. Why you should have a side project
  4. Where do all the bytes come from
  5. Microsoft open sources SandDance, a visual data exploration tool