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.NET Weekly #154 (02.12 - 15.12)

Cloud & Web

  1. 4 different ways to create Vue Components
  2. New – Provisioned Concurrency for Lambda Functions
  3. New – Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra Service
  4. Runtime Host Configuration Options and AppContext data in .NET Core
  5. Azure Functions 3.0 go-live release is now available
  6. Converting integration tests to .NET Core 3.0
  7. WebAssembly 1.0 Becomes a W3C Recommendation and the Fourth Language to Run Natively in Browsers
  8. Demystifying the new .NET Core 3 Worker Service

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Amazon Braket – Get Started with Quantum Computing
  2. RabbitMQ integer overflow that leads to heap memory corruption
  3. Introducing the AWS Toolkit for Rider
  4. Pulumi Watch Mode - Fast Inner Loop Development for Cloud Infrastructure
  5. A visual guide on troubleshooting Kubernetes deployments
  6. Certbot Leaves Beta with the Release of 1.0
  7. JetBrains - Welcome to Space
  8. Managing Kubernetes Infrastructure with .NET and Pulumi
  9. Simplifying Self-Service, Governance, and Operations With Consul Namespaces
  10. VSCode version 1.41
  11. Debugging 3rd Party .NET Code without symbols in Visual Studio
  12. Rider 2019.3 Release Is Out
  13. Making Windows Server Core Containers 40% Smaller

Architecture & Databases

  1. Using Redis Streams to Build More Resilient Services - Video
  2. The real difference between CI and CD
  3. How to Start Designing Front-end Architectures
  4. Aerospike 4.8 - Enhanced Persistent Memory Support and Compression
  5. Why databases use ordered indexes but programming uses hash tables
  6. Challenges with distributed systems
  7. Design Microservice Architectures the Right Way - Video
  8. Stateful Programming Models in Serverless Functions - Video
  9. Making assumptions, design decisions and critical functionality

Programming Languages

  1. Microsoft - We’re creating a new Rust-like programming language for secure coding
  2. AzureAd Authentication with F#
  3. Functional Agent
  4. How I Rendered a Massive List in React Without Memory and CPU Issues
  5. Building custom fibers library in F#
  6. I Like To Build Things That Way
  7. Finding Bacon Numbers with Azure Cosmos DB and F#
  8. .NET Core, Docker, and Cultures - Solving a culture issue porting a .NET Core app from Windows to Linux
  9. Put cyclomatic complexity to good use


  1. Announcing .NET Core 3.1
  2. .NET Core 2.2 will reach End of Life on December 23, 2019
  3. December 2019 .NET Updates
  4. GC Perf Infrastructure – Part 1
  5. ConfigureAwait FAQ
  6. Creating Common Intermediate Language projects with .NET SDK
  7. An Introduction to System.Threading.Channels


  1. A guide to distributed teams
  2. .NET Annotated Monthly - December 2019
  3. The Great Cannon has been deployed again
  4. Low-Cost VPS Testing
  5. The Product-Minded Software Engineer
  6. Does Code Review Involve Testing