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.NET Weekly #160 (20.01 - 26.01)

Cloud & Web

  1. Hardening Refresh Tokens
  2. Styled Components vs. CSS Stylesheets
  3. Move from Traditional ASP.NET to Core Requires Heavy Lifting
  4. Azure Functions runtime 3.0 is now generally available
  5. Excluding health check endpoints from Serilog request logging
  6. The Next Decade of .NET Open Source
  7. Does Your Domain Have a Registry Lock
  8. 5 Reasons for Doing Microfrontends
  9. Routing Basics in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Project Model Updates in Rider 2019.3
  2. Reactive Distributed communication framework for .net, kotlin, js. Inspired by Rider IDE
  3. GitLab 12.7 released with Parent-Child Pipelines and Windows Shared Runners Beta
  4. Deploy a Pod on CentOS with Podman
  5. Introducing Yarn 2
  6. Enforcing C# EditorConfig formatting conventions at build time

Architecture & Databases

  1. MariaDB Goes Cloud Native with AWS S3 API, and Introduces Smart Transactions
  2. Principles to help you design and deploy a zero trust architecture
  3. Site reliability engineering- Predictions for 2020
  4. Path to a Software Architect
  5. Why Nobody Pays for Database Software
  6. Five Methods For Database Obfuscation
  7. Using PostgreSQL Replication Slots
  8. Event Versioning Guidelines

Programming Languages

  1. No, dynamic type systems are not inherently more open
  2. What is Rust and why is it so popular
  3. The other side of technical skill - Domain Knowledge and Long-term Vision
  4. The Power of Types for Errors
  5. What I learned as a developer from accidents in space
  6. Desktop Apps with Avalonia and FSharp
  7. The Inversion of Control pattern in the test of time
  8. Introduction to Akka.Streams


  1. The frustrating state of tails calls in .NET
  2. Running .NET on ESP32
  3. Behind the compiler


  1. Universal memory research passes new milestone
  2. Actix and project future
  3. MIR - A lightweight JIT compiler project
  4. Roam - Why I Love It and How I Use It
  5. Too Tired to Do Everything? How to Live Better Without Burning Out