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.NET Weekly #162 (17.02 - 23.02)

A little bit overwhelming number of articles for the last couple of weeks that I was able to monitor as part of the trip. Hope to stabilize in the upcoming issues.

Cloud & Web

  1. Stay paranoid and trust no one. Overview of common security vulnerabilities in web applications
  2. Why SimpleLogin decided to leave AWS
  3. Understanding Modern Cloud Architecture on AWS - Server Fleets and Databases
  4. Performant front-end architecture
  5. The ASP.NET Core Module. Changes and Improvements over the Last 3 Years.
  6. OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0 – Security Best Practices - Dominick Baier
  7. ASP.NET Core middleware with Roslyn Analyzers - Part 1
  8. Add support for ASP.NET (non-Core) projects - new stuff

Tooling & Libraries

  1. A new hash algorithm for Git
  2. Kubernetes the Easy Way – DevOps Series, Part 14
  3. Pulumi end-to-end on Azure, part one
  4. .NET Notebooks Preview 2
  5. JavaScript Libraries Are Almost Never Updated Once Installed
  6. Version 9 of Angular Now Available — Project Ivy has arrived
  7. 7 Open Source Cloud Security Tools You Should Know
  8. Take GitHub to the command line
  9. Testing Your Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi

Architecture & Databases

  1. The State of (Full) Text Search in PostgreSQL 12
  2. Scaling to 100k Users
  3. Migrating to CockroachDB
  4. STOP. You don’t need Microservices.
  5. Scaling Bitbucket’s Database
  6. Structuring Your Teams for Software Reliability
  7. Useless Vacuuming
  8. Making your monolith more reliable
  9. 3 things that will make or break your project

Programming Languages

  1. Desktop Apps with Avalonia and FSharp
  2. Babel F# pipeline operator
  3. NULL Values in SQL Queries
  4. State versioning in Orleans
  5. Model-View-Update (MVU) – How Does It Work?
  6. Create Certificates for IdentityServer4 signing using .NET Core
  7. Mythical man month - 10 lines per developer day
  8. Three Types of Data
  9. Compiling PHP’s Eval() to .NET
  10. Intro To Pattern Matching - Covers C# 9
  11. Announcing TypeScript 3.8
  12. Debugging Wednesday at Criteo — Cancel this task
  13. The design and implementation of a better ThreadLocal
  14. The Pyramid of Unit Testing Benefits


  1. GC Handles
  2. String Deduplication
  3. Sync API for HttpClient
  4. Binding Redirects
  5. Building your own Java-like GC logs in .NET
  6. Delete System.Data.SqlClient package
  7. Under the hood of “Default Interface Methods”


  1. Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust
  2. Building a Linux Desktop for Cloud Native Development
  3. You Don’t Need Millions of Dollars
  4. My productivity app for the past 12 years has been a single .txt file
  5. Becoming a high performing software developer working from your bedroom
  6. Why are we so bad at software engineering
  7. GitHub Enterprise is now free through Microsoft for Startups
  8. The Horrifically Dystopian World of Software Engineering Interviews