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.NET Weekly #164 (02.03 - 08.03)

Cloud & Web

  1. Graph Query Language Comparison Series - Gremlin vs Cypher vs nGQL
  2. Pwned Passwords Padding
  3. Build apps for free with Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier
  4. Firecracker - Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing
  5. Overview of Decentralized Identity Standards
  6. Why SvelteJS may be the best framework for new web devs
  7. Creating a custom ErrorHandlerMiddleware function

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Add in a regex parser so that the IDE can provide services around regex editing
  2. February ML.NET Model Builder Updates
  3. Citus 9.2 speeds up large scale HTAP workloads on Postgres
  4. A successful Git branching model
  5. Please stop recommending Git Flow
  6. “Let’s use Kubernetes!” Now you have 8 problems
  7. Announcing PowerShell 7.0
  8. Everything We Learned Running Istio In Production — Part 1
  9. Analysing .NET start-up time with Flamegraphs

Architecture & Databases

  1. Payment Request API
  2. Microservices – Combinatorial Explosion of Versions
  3. Millions of tiny databases
  4. Copy & Paste as an architecture strategy
  5. The tyranny of IO and the rise of distributed systems
  6. The Elephant in the Architecture

Programming Languages

  1. A journey to searching Have I Been Pwned database in 49μs
  2. To avoid technical debt, you need technical people in your team who can call spade a spade
  3. Handling NULL Values in PostgreSQL
  4. How to write a Roslyn Analyzer
  5. CQRS - Refactoring Queries without Repositories
  6. A brief introduction to fuzzing and why it’s an important tool for developers
  7. Prefixed Naming


  1. ResourceManagerWithCultureStringLocalizer class and WithCulture interface member to be removed
  2. The Odyssey of Stark and Melody
  3. Single-file Publish


  1. Remote access to production infrastructure
  2. Microsoft is retiring its MCSA, MCSD and MCSE certifications in June 2020
  3. Books I recommend to my software engineering students
  4. Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for Working Remotely
  5. Rich Hickey on becoming a better developer
  6. Google Kubernetes Engine is introducing a cluster management fee on June 6
  7. .NET Annotated Monthly - March 2020