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.NET Weekly #167 (23.03 - 29.03)

Cloud & Web

  1. Easily adding Security Headers to your ASP.NET Core web app and getting an A grade
  2. End-to-End Encryption in the Browser
  3. Using HttpCompletionOption to Improve HttpClient Performance in .NET
  4. Replacing AJAX calls in Razor Pages with Razor Components and Blazor

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Moving to Linux - Part 1 - Background and first impressions
  2. Please don’t write your documentation in Markdown
  3. Markdown is an excellent choice for documentation
  4. Kubernetes 1.18
  5. GCP gRPC vs REST Test
  6. Visual Studio 2019 version 16.6 Preview 2 Brings New Features Your Way
  7. Coyote - Making it easier for developers to build reliable asynchronous software

Architecture & Databases

  1. Security Patterns for Microservice Architectures
  2. Secure by Design
  3. February service disruptions post-incident analysis - GitHub
  4. Implementing Fault-Tolerance PostgreSQL Cluster with Patroni
  5. Monitoring and Tracing at Netflix Streaming Data Infrastructure
  6. Reduce CPU of Large Analytic Queries Without Changing Code

Programming Languages

  1. New grad vs senior dev
  2. ValueTask Restrictions
  3. Production postmortem - high CPU when there is little work to be done
  4. Repeatable execution
  5. Dealing with complex dependency injection in F#
  6. Optimize database traffic with future results in NHibernate


  1. CoreRT Stack overflow when build with EntityFrameworkCore
  2. Target Framework Names in .NET 5
  3. LLVM 10.0.0 Release
  4. Balancing work on GC threads


  1. The Human Log
  2. Speeding up Linux disk encryption
  3. Private client-side-only PWAs are hard, but now Apple made them impossible
  4. Why You Need To Start Using A Decision Journal