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.NET Weekly #173 (04.05 - 10.05)

The closing issue of .net weekly for this year definitely and most likely years to come. Thanks to everyone who was reading this. I hope you’ve grabbed a bunch of interesting sources of news and are following the blogs of brilliant authors now.

Cloud & Web

  1. Amazon RDS Now Supports PostgreSQL 12
  2. Using jQuery and Bootstrap from a CDN with fallback scripts in ASP.NET Core 3.0
  3. 3 Guiding Principles for Building New SaaS Products on AWS
  4. Serverless in the Wild - Azure Functions Production Usage Statistics
  5. Rebuilding our tech stack for the new
  6. ASP.NET Core – fast and automatic dependency injection setup

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Vue Test Utils 1.0 released!
  2. systemd, 10 years later - a historical and technical retrospective
  3. Dapr Runtime v0.7.0
  4. GitHub Codespaces
  5. Solid Infrastructure Security without Slowing Down Developers
  6. Tye 0.2
  7. Cosmos DB Profiler

Architecture & Databases

  1. Deleting data distributed throughout your microservices architecture
  2. Scaling SQLite to 4M QPS on a Single Server
  3. Building an edge computing platform
  4. TileDB 2.0 and the Future of Data Science
  5. Self-Contained Systems
  6. Resource-oriented Client Architecture
  7. The myth of NoSQL (vs. RDBMS) agility - adding attributes
  8. Monolith Decomposition Patterns

Programming Languages

  1. Oracle vs PostgreSQL - First Glance
  2. Write Libraries, Not Frameworks
  3. Understanding Raft Consensus - Part 1
  4. Avoid rolling your own leader election algorithm
  5. .NET Portability Analyzer
  6. Building End-to-End Diagnostics - OpenTelemetry Integration
  7. Significant whitespace is DRY
  8. Async Wandering Part 8 — async and await — the biggest C# mistake?
  9. Post-Build Events and .NET Core


  1. Covariant Returns Feature
  2. Port Cross OS DAC to 3.1
  3. Use Pinned Object Heap for MemoryPool


  1. Bye, Amazon
  2. Learning a New Language
  3. SO - The Way Forward
  4. .NET Annotated - May 2020
  5. Open Source Arms Race