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.NET Weekly #117 (25.02 - 03.03)

Cloud & Web

  1. Evergreen Serverless Performance Reviews
  2. AWS API Performance Comparison - Serverless vs. Containers vs. API Gateway integration
  3. We Analyzed 13 Billion Log Entries – Here’s What We Learned
  4. I created the same app with Vuex and Redux. Here are the differences
  5. How-To Understand Developing Native, Hybrid & Progressive Web Apps
  6. Tips and tricks for ASP.NET Core applications

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Highlights from Git 2.21
  2. Vetur 0.16
  3. Exploring exception stack traces with ReSharper and Rider
  4. Introducing Gremlin Free
  5. Rancher Labs Introduces Lightweight Distribution of Kubernetes to Simplify Operations in Low-Resource Computing Environments
  6. VueJS - Class API proposal
  7. VueJS v2.6.8
  8. Wireshark 3.0.0 Release Notes
  9. Akka.NET vs. Kafka, RabbitMQ, and Other Messaging Systems
  10. Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate (RC) now available

Architecture & Databases

  1. MySQL Challenge - 100k Connections
  2. Is a Shared Database in Microservices Actually an Anti-pattern
  3. Mission Is Possible - Tips on Building a Million Core Cluster
  4. Taming the front-end monolith
  5. Journey to Event Driven – Part 3 - The Affinity Between Events, Streams and Serverless
  6. Indexes in PostgreSQL — 1
  7. Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 3

Programming Languages

  1. An example of interaction-based testing in C#
  2. A story of fixing a memory leak in MiniDumper
  3. Fearless concurrency - how Clojure, Rust, Pony, Erlang and Dart let you achieve that
  4. Fixing Random, part 8
  5. Fixing Random, part 9
  6. Using EF Core’s InMemory Provider To Store A Database In Memory
  7. C# Async Antipatterns
  8. An Introduction to Optimising Code Using Span of T


  1. how the .NET JIT Compiler and GC interact
  2. .NET Inside Out Part 3 — How to override sealed function in C#
  3. nano framework
  4. Is C# a low-level language


  1. Microsoft has open sourced their Front end Bootcamp training materials
  2. Redesigning Github repository page
  3. OWASP Application Security Verification Standard Project v4.0 Released
  4. Functional Programming in OCaml