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.NET Weekly #118 (04.03 - 10.03)

Cloud & Web

  1. How Are Function Components Different from Classes
  2. Serverless collaborative editor using CRDT
  3. Advanced features of Vue using Vuetify in 10 minutes
  4. Stop Wasting Connections, Use HTTP Keep-Alive
  5. Handling complexity in lambda functions
  6. Lambda Concurrency Limits and SQS Triggers Don’t Mix Well
  7. How Does Razor Pages Differ From MVC In ASP.NET Core?
  8. IIS Hosting for ASP .NET Core Web Apps
  9. Elegant way of producing HTTP responses in ASP.NET Core outside of MVC controllers

Tooling & Libraries

  1. You Don’t Need All That Complex/Expensive/Distracting Infrastructure
  2. StackExchange.Redis Release Notes
  3. Debugging .NET Builds with the MSBuild Structured Log Viewer
  4. Improving Kubernetes Management with Pulumi’s Await Logic
  5. Microsoft Releases Open Source ML Library for Distributed Search Engine Creation
  6. Announcing The Unicode Standard, Version 12.0
  7. Blazor 0.9.0 experimental release now available
  8. VSCode version 1.32

Architecture & Databases

  1. FaunaDB 2.5.4
  2. Why Global Edge Fabric? Or Why we built a truly coordination-free distributed database for edge computing
  3. Keeping CALM - when distributed consistency is easy
  4. Why you should use a relational database instead of NoSQL for your IoT application
  5. Transactional Data Operations in PostgreSQL Using Common Table Expressions
  6. A generalised solution to distributed consensus
  7. Benchmarking Managed PostgreSQL Cloud Solutions - Part One, Amazon Aurora

Programming Languages

  1. Code quality isn’t software quality
  2. Fixing Random, part 10
  3. TypeScript - Higher order function type inference
  4. Some performance tricks with .NET strings
  5. JavaScript Performance Pitfalls in V8
  6. Fixing Random, part 11
  7. What I Enjoyed — and Suffered from — Writing ReasonML Code as a Junior Engineer
  8. TypeScript 3.4 Iteration Plan
  9. Async Enumerables with Cancellation
  10. C# 8.x is introducing Records


  1. CoreCLR’s environment is not your environment
  2. Hardware intrinsic in .NET Core 3.0 - Introduction
  3. Added Range Manipulation APIs to Collection of T and ObservableCollection of T
  4. Floating-Point Parsing and Formatting improvements in .NET Core 3.0
  5. Announcing .NET Core 3 Preview 3


  1. How To Build a System that Can run for 30 years without interruption
  2. 10 years of remote working. This is what I have learned so far
  3. Case Study - Npm uses Rust for its CPU-bound bottlenecks
  4. Linux 5.0 Introduces New Security Capabilities
  5. Common Mistakes When Hiring Software Engineers
  6. The Two Most Important Software Development Skills Aren’t Technical
  7. How I lost my domain and everything that goes with it like my mail server etc