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.NET Weekly #124 (15.04 - 21.04)

Cloud & Web

  1. Responsible JavaScript - Part I
  2. Saved by the Schema - Using JSON Schema to Document, Test, and Debug APIs
  3. Best Practices for AWS Lambda Container Reuse
  4. Optimizing Performance With Resource Hints
  5. Blazor now in official preview
  6. Razor Pages - the Natural Successor to Web Forms
  7. Using strongly-typed entity IDs to avoid primitive obsession (Part 3)

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Let’s Encrypt - Transitioning to ISRG’s Root
  2. An arctic, north-bluish color palette
  3. Microsoft Bing Fire Tokenizer – 10x Faster Than NLTK
  4. dotnet diagnostics cli tools
  5. Samsung NetCoreDbg is a managed code debugger with MI interface for CoreCLR.
  6. Adventures in .NET Core SDK Installation - Missing SDKs and 32 bit vs 64 bit

Architecture & Databases

  1. Azure Cosmos DB - Microsoft’s Cloud-Born Globally Distributed Database
  2. Improving Key Expiration in Redis
  3. Teaching rigorous distributed systems with efficient model checking
  4. Tinder’s move to Kubernetes
  5. On Microservice Architecture and 18 wheelers

Programming Languages

  1. Fixing Random, part 22
  2. Fixing Random, part 23
  3. How and why to use Functional Programming in modern JavaScript
  4. The Difference Between SQL’s JOIN .. ON Clause and the Where Clause
  5. The philosophies of software languages, from Go to Elixir
  6. Interface Dispatch
  7. .NET Internals Cookbook Part 8 — C# gotchas
  8. Lazy monoids
  9. 8 Ways You can Cause Memory Leaks in .NET


  1. Casting to a variant generic interface is much slower than to non-variant
  2. Better PR and guidance on Assembly Unloading for reflection heavy libraries
  3. CoreRT future plans
  4. Choosing the right defaults for Tiered Compilation
  5. Announcing .NET Core 3 Preview 4
  6. NET Internals Cookbook Part 7 — Word tearing, locking and others
  7. .NET Internals Cookbook Part 9 — Finalizers, queues, card tables and other GC stuff
  8. .NET Internals Cookbook Part 10 — Threads, Tasks, asynchronous code and others
  9. Announcing the .NET Framework 4.8
  10. Proposal for architecture specific apps


  1. Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model
  2. Virtually Unlimited Memory - Escaping the Chrome Sandbox
  3. Book - Pro .NET Benchmarking - The Art of Performance Measurement
  4. Writing a Technical Book for Manning
  5. Technical Skills Are Great, but Communication and Curiosity Are Better
  6. Joe Armstrong, the father of Erlang, passed away
  7. Be The Laziest Programmer You Can Be