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.NET Weekly #125 (22.04 - 28.04)

Cloud & Web

  1. Optimize the Performance of a Vue App with Async Components
  2. Production Tips for ASP .NET Core Web Apps
  3. You should never ever run directly against Node.js in production. Maybe
  4. Why Turning on HTTP/2 Was a Mistake
  5. Thinking in components with Vue.js
  6. The moment when you realize every server in the world is vulnerable
  7. Strongly-typed IDs in EF Core - Using strongly-typed entity IDs to avoid primitive obsession - Part 4

Tooling & Libraries

  1. GitLab 11.10 released with Pipelines on the Operations Dashboard, Pipelines for Merged Results, and Multi-line Merge Request Suggestions
  2. Applied Meta-Programming With Myriad And Falanx
  3. ntroducing .NET for Apache Spark Preview
  4. Open-sourcing F14 for faster, more memory-efficient hash tables
  5. Vulcanizer - a library for operating Elasticsearch
  6. Istio uses more than 50% more CPU than Linkerd
  7. Introducing Node.js 12
  8. Dynamic DNS Resolution in Nginx
  9. NSec is a modern and easy-to-use cryptographic library for .NET Core based on libsodium
  10. Challenge Accepted - Transposit

Architecture & Databases

  1. Should that be a Microservice? Keep These Six Factors in Mind
  2. Beating round-trip latency with Redis pipelining
  3. 6 Technical Challenges Developing a Distributed SQL Database
  4. PostgreSQL Features You May Not Have Tried But Should
  5. Benchmarking the experimental Redis Multi-Threaded I/O
  6. Introduction to SQL Server Security — Part 5

Programming Languages

  1. F# from a C# Developers Perspective – Part 1
  2. Elegant READMEs
  3. Fixing Random, part 24
  4. First Steps in porting Markdown Monster WPF App to .NET Core 3.0
  5. Running WebAssembly and WASI with .NET
  6. Calling C# natively from Rust
  7. AES-NI (.NET) - Outperforming C and OpenSSL
  8. Fixing Random, part 25
  9. The best Functional Programming blogs for everyone from beginners to professionals
  10. ntroduction to LSM Trees - May the logs be with you


  1. How to push parameters into methods without parameters in safe code
  2. The new ECMAScript module support in Node.js 12
  3. A year with Spectre - a V8 perspective
  4. Switch to workstation GC in case of constrained CPU resources
  5. System.GC.AllocateUninitializedArray
  6. .NET Internals Cookbook Part 11 — Various C# riddles


  1. O(n^2) in CreateProcess
  2. We Don’t Have a Talent Shortage. We Have A Sucker Shortage
  3. ASCII Art in .NET Code
  4. Docker Hub Hacked – 190k accounts, GitHub tokens revoked, builds disabled
  5. OutOfMemory – a nerdy card game for developers
  6. You probably don’t factor in engineering time when calculating cost per hire. Here’s why you really should