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.NET Weekly #127 (20.05 - 26.05)

Cloud & Web

  1. Live Reloading Server And Client Side ASP.NET Core Apps
  2. Dockerizing a Vue App
  3. Introduction to Stateful Serverless - key-value database with Azure Durable Entities
  4. 5M bid request/s, 2ms Max Response Time - The Road to Damascus
  5. 5 Easy ways to drastically improve your VueJS app’s speed
  6. Does open-source cryptographic software work correctly
  7. How to log timed out Lambda invocations
  8. Creating a Quartz.NET hosted service with ASP.NET Core

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Containers? Images? An introduction to Docker in Rider
  2. Launching Today - Free Wolfram Engine for Developers
  3. Security for Elasticsearch is now free
  4. Performance Benchmark Analysis of Istio and Linkerd
  5. Announcing Terraform 0.12
  6. Dependabot is joining GitHub
  7. Ionide 4.0 roadmap
  8. Visual Studio Code Remote Development may change everything

Architecture & Databases

  1. Employing QUIC Protocol to Optimize Uber’s App Performance
  2. SOLID Principles - The Software Developer’s Framework to Robust & Maintainable Code
  3. Containers, microservices, and service meshes
  4. TechnicalDebt
  5. CQRS and Event Sourcing Intro For Developers
  6. 5 Reasons Why Apache Kafka Needs a Distributed SQL Database
  7. Hello Service Mesh Interface (SMI) - A specification for service mesh interoperability
  8. PostgreSQL 12 Beta 1 Released
  9. Apache Kafka is not for Event Sourcing
  10. An Overview of WiredTiger Storage Engine for MongoDB

Programming Languages

  1. Improving API usability
  2. The Dangers of Task.Factory.StartNew
  3. Profiling .NET Core Memory Traffic using JetBrains dotMemory
  4. TypeScript 3.0 - The unknown Type
  5. Strict null checking Visual Studio Code
  6. Interpreting the .NET Core Memory Timeline in JetBrains dotMemory
  7. Analysing the Large Object Heap in JetBrains dotMemory


  1. TypeScript and high CPU usage - watch don’t stare
  2. Lying to the compiler


  1. How to do hard things
  2. Please, Don’t Improvise
  3. Cloudflare architecture and how BPF eats the world
  4. I Cheated on My Microsoft Interview
  5. GitHub Sponsors
  6. Compress objects, not cache lines - an object-based compressed memory hierarchy
  7. GDPR After One Year - Costs and Unintended Consequences
  8. I don’t want to be a full-fullstack developer