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.NET Weekly #126 (13.05 - 19.05)

Cloud & Web

  1. Understanding Mixins in Vue JS
  2. New – Amazon S3 Batch Operations
  3. GitLab’s journey from Azure to GCP
  4. Handling Errors in Vue.js
  5. Digitizing trust - Azure Blockchain Service simplifies blockchain development
  6. HTTP headers for the responsible developer
  7. Advancing the developer experience for serverless apps with Azure Functions
  8. Better HTTP/2 Prioritization for a Faster Web
  9. Accessing RouteData in an ASP.NET Core Controller Constructor

Tooling & Libraries

  1. SymCrypt is the core cryptographic function library currently used by Windows.
  2. BuildXL - Microsoft Build Accelerator
  3. Remote Development with VS Code
  4. What is ML.NET 1.0 – Machine Learning for .NET
  5. Announcing WSL 2
  6. Roadmap Preview - What’s Next for Consul Service Mesh
  7. Writing Azure Functions with Rider
  8. Introducing diagnostics improvements in .NET Core 3.0
  9. Introducing the new Microsoft.Data.SqlClient
  10. Introducing GitHub Package Registry
  11. Donut - Injecting .NET Assemblies as Shellcode
  12. Debugging and fixing the Twitch desktop client
  13. Git ransom campaign incident report—Atlassian Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab
  14. SharpFuzz - Bringing the power of afl-fuzz to .NET platform
  15. Announcing Microsoft Web Template Studio

Architecture & Databases

  1. Local-first software
  2. What is high cardinality, and how do time-series databases like InfluxDB and TimescaleDB compare
  3. Demystifying Database Systems - An Introduction to Transaction Isolation Levels
  4. DevOps Architecture - Engineering Platforms
  5. 4 Best Time Series Databases To Watch in 2019
  6. What does Unsplash cost in 2019
  7. Avoiding Double Payments in a Distributed Payments System
  8. Distributed consensus revised – Part I
  9. Zabbix, Time Series Data and TimescaleDB
  10. We Can Do Better Than SQL
  11. API design - Why you should use links, not keys, to represent relationships in APIs
  12. How to Move Beyond a Monolithic Data Lake to a Distributed Data Mesh

Programming Languages

  1. .NET Core 3.0 SDK Projects - Controlling Output Folders and Content
  2. Compile-time DI vs. Run-time DI
  3. Fight the global warming - compile your C# apps ahead of time
  4. Is TypeScript the only language your company needs
  5. Applying the Gestalt Principles to your code
  6. Logging with ILogger in .NET - Recommendations and best practices
  7. Generics, structs and nulls – the JIT is smart so you don’t have to
  8. SQLite Database with Dapper and F#
  9. Overview of nullability analysis
  10. Default implementations in interfaces
  11. Announcing TypeScript 3.5 RC
  12. A few words about data and concurrency


  1. Efficient Params and String Formatting
  2. Native hosting
  3. PInvoke - beyond the magic
  4. Remove String IsASCII flag from the object header
  5. Introducing .NET 5
  6. .NET Internals Cookbook Part 12 — Memory structure, attributes, handles
  7. .NET Core is the Future of .NET
  8. Nice insight into what it takes to port .NET Core CLR (CoreCLR) to another CPU architecture
  9. .NET Core May 2019 Updates
  10. Performance Improvements in .NET Core 3.0


  1. It is perfectly OK to only code at work, you can have a life too
  2. A Conspiracy To Kill IE6
  3. Ligatures in programming fonts - hell no
  4. Improving privacy and security on the web
  5. How to get FOUR Information Security certifications in less than a year.
  6. Why CRDT didn’t work out as well for collaborative editing xi-editor
  7. Why books don’t work
  8. Technical Details on the Recent Firefox Add-on Outage
  9. Senior Developers are Getting Rejected for Jobs
  10. 7 years as a developer - lessons learned
  11. I charged $18,000 for a Static HTML Page
  12. The struggles of an open source maintainer
  13. Code Reviews at Microsoft - How Do Code Reviews Work at one of the Largest Software Companies