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.NET Weekly #141 (26.08 - 01.09)

Cloud & Web

  1. Exploring the new project file, Program.cs, and the generic host in ASP.NET Core 3
  2. AWS Step Functions Gains Callback Patterns to Resume Paused Workflows
  3. Dynamic controller routing in ASP.NET Core 3.0
  4. Blazor – on the server or on the client
  5. REST And GraphQL Are Not Your Only Choices When Building An HTTP API

Tooling & Libraries

  1. New and improved NuGet Search is here
  2. VeeValidate 3.0 is released
  3. HashiCorp Consul 1.6 General Availability
  4. The Developer’s Guide to the Vue Ecosystem
  5. How the .NET Team uses Azure Pipelines to produce Docker Images
  6. IdentityModel 4.0.0 released
  7. Cue - A new configuration language from Google
  8. General Availability of Microsoft.Data.SqlClient 1.0

Architecture & Databases

  1. Mixed-Cluster Versioning - A Story of Capabilities, Erlang and Riak
  2. Don’t tell me how to test my software
  3. Introduction to Event-driven Architectures With RabbitMQ
  4. How We Manage a Million Push Notifications an Hour
  5. How We Reduced Deployment Times by 95%
  6. Our team’s troubles with hand-written automated UI tests
  7. A Codebase is an Organism
  8. Don’t get locked up into avoiding lock-in
  9. An Overview of the Various Scan Methods in PostgreSQL
  10. MSSql Server New Feature - OPTIMIZE_FOR_SEQUENTIAL_KEY

Programming Languages

  1. ES proposal - optional chaining
  2. Behind the F# editor tooling. Part 1 - introduction to compilers.
  3. Announcing TypeScript 3.6
  4. Migrating a C# test suite to property based tests in F# - part 3
  5. Vue communication patterns - an intro to props-down and events-up pattern
  6. You are naming your tests wrong
  7. Command Query Segregation, Object-Oriented Design Principles with TypeScript
  8. Counting Sort - The Sorting Algorithm Family Reunion
  9. Bitonic Merge Sort - The Sorting Algorithm Family Reunion
  10. Integration Testing with xUnit
  11. Pipeline Implementations in C# - TPL Dataflow Async steps and Disruptor-net


  1. Obsolete the SecureString type
  2. Age of JIT Compilation. Part I. Genesis
  3. Age of JIT Compilation. Part 2. CLR is Watching You
  4. The story of a V8 performance cliff in React
  5. .NET Inside Out Part 10 — Using type markers for low level optimizations


  1. Why Programmers Should Curb Their Enthusiasm, and Thinking About Computational Thinking
  2. Things I Learnt from a Senior Software Engineer
  3. The Myth of Consumer-Grade Security
  4. The Paxos Algorithm or How to Win a Turing Award
  5. exFAT in the Linux kernel? Yes