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.NET Weekly #142 (02.09 - 08.09)

Cloud & Web

  1. How I built and run my e-shop for 0.7$ month using Azure Functions and a few more
  2. How to Avoid Cost Pitfalls by Monitoring APIs in AWS Lambda
  3. Comparing Startup.cs between the ASP.NET Core 3.0 templates - Exploring ASP.NET Core 3.0 Part 2
  4. Using GraphQL to Improve Data Hydration in our Customer Care Platform and Beyond
  5. CSRF is (really) dead
  6. Embarrassingly easy private certificate management for VMs on AWS, GCP, and Azure
  7. Using Certificate Authentication with IHttpClientFactory and HttpClient
  8. Enums And APIs

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Static analysis for .NET 5
  2. Fix conflicts only once with git rerere
  3. How to learn D3.js
  4. Pulumi 1.0
  5. What is Svelte.js
  6. VSCode version 1.38
  7. Google’s Engineering Practices documentation
  8. Find your perfect C# style using Rider
  9. Octopus Starter edition - Free for small teams

Architecture & Databases

  1. Don’t get locked up into avoiding lock-in - Updated
  2. IPA - invariant-preserving applications for weakly consistent replicated databases
  3. 10 Ways to Tweak Slow SQL Queries
  4. Jepsen - YugaByte DB 1.3.1
  5. All About SQL Aggregate Functions
  6. tarantool is forked by the main contributor, the project future is now unclear
  7. Critical Infrastructure Upgrade Process in Docker
  8. Building a Simple Distributed System - The What
  9. Top Redis Use Cases by Core Data Structure Types
  10. How to create a scalable and maintainable front-end architecture

Programming Languages

  1. Interfaces in C# 8 are a Bit of a Mess
  2. An Introduction to SequenceReader
  3. TypeScript vs ReasonML – A Comparison
  4. ORMs are backwards
  5. Shenanigans With Hash Tables
  6. Migrating a C# test suite to property based tests in F# - part 4
  7. Using C# code in your git hooks
  8. Pigeonhole Sort - The Sorting Algorithm Family Reunion


  1. Interacting with native libraries in .NET Core 3.0
  2. Local variable getting modified by function call
  3. GC does not correctly evaluate the memory load on Linux
  4. Hardware Intrinsics in .NET Core


  1. .NET Annotated Monthly - September 2019
  2. How to learn things at 1000x the speed
  3. GitHub goes off the Rails as Microsoft closes in
  4. Subsistence Programming
  5. Discovering Hard Disk Physical Geometry through Microbenchmarking
  6. The Product-Minded Software Engineer