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.NET Weekly #144 (16.09 - 22.09)

Cloud & Web

  1. AWS Fargate Deep Dive - What it is, when to use it and comparison with AWS Lambda and ECS
  2. Composing Components in Vue.js
  3. 11 Vue.js Lifecycle Hooks
  4. Looking back on five years of web components
  5. A few handy Vue.js tricks
  6. Amazon S3 introduces Same-Region Replication
  7. Announcing Azure Private Link
  8. Running async tasks on app startup in ASP.NET Core 3.0

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Crossgen as build step with .NET Core 3.0
  2. Cascidia Code, the new monospaced font designed for terminals and editors, is out
  3. LLVM 9.0.0 Release
  4. Breaking API changes in Antiforgery, Cors, Diagnostics, Mvc, and Routing
  5. Managing Postgres with Pulumi and Terraform
  6. Working with GitHub Actions
  7. Avoid thread synchronization problems with Roslyn - Synchronization primitives traps

Architecture & Databases

  1. The boring technology behind a one-person Internet company
  2. Test Driven Development Is Dumb. Fight Me
  3. Software Architecture is Overrated, Clear and Simple Design is Underrated
  4. New Query Language for Graph Databases to Become International Standard
  5. Announcing Yugabyte DB 2.0 GA - Jepsen Tested, High-Performance Distributed SQL
  6. Datadog - A Real-time Metrics Database for One Quadrillion Points per Day
  7. Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning

Programming Languages

  1. Introduction to Functional Programming in F#
  2. Why Go and not Rust
  3. Throwing null literal
  4. Why I prefer functional programming
  5. Bucket Sort - The Sorting Algorithm Family Reunion
  6. Async Streams – A Look at New Language Features in C# 8
  7. .NET Inside Out Part 11 — Using structs for devirtualization
  8. Implementing a non-public interface in .NET Core with DispatchProxy


  1. Fix for a linux issue improves p99 response time significantly
  2. Finalization implementation details
  3. Announcing .NET Core 3.0 Release Candidate 1
  4. Implement struct marshalling via IL Stubs instead of via FieldMarshalers


  1. Banks, Arbitrary Password Restrictions and Why They Don’t Matter
  2. Joel Spolsky and Clive Thompson discuss the past, present, and future of coding
  3. Building a Pragmatic, Lightweight Code Review Checklist