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.NET Weekly #157 (30.12 - 05.01)

Cloud & Web

  1. Reducing log verbosity with Serilog RequestLogging
  2. Promiscuous Cookies and Their Impending Death via the SameSite Policy
  3. Unit Testing the Business Layer in ASP.NET Core with Moq and XUnit
  4. Unit Testing ASP.NET Core MVC Controllers with Moq and XUnit
  5. CSS Architecture for Component-Based Applications
  6. The AKS Architecture Map

Tooling & Libraries

  1. Pulumi - 2019 Year at a Glance
  2. Doing a database join with CSV files
  3. Chaos Engineering your .NET applications using Simmy
  4. MediatR 8.0 Released

Architecture & Databases

  1. Growing a farm of rabbits to scale financial applications - Video
  2. Scaling React Server-Side Rendering
  3. Proper software architecture for a new project
  4. An Overview of Multi-Document ACID Transactions in MongoDB and How to Use Them
  5. Distributed systems learnings in 2019

Programming Languages

  1. Measuring Mutexes, Spinlocks and how Bad the Linux Scheduler Really is
  2. I’m not feeling the async pressure
  3. Putting devs before users - how frameworks destroyed web performance
  4. Mutexes Are Faster Than Spinlocks
  5. No nuances, just buggy code - related to Spinlock implementation and the Linux Scheduler
  6. State-based CRDTs - Maps
  7. A technique for building high-performance databases with EF Core


  1. Building a self-contained game in C# under 8 kilobytes


  1. Dan Abramov - My Decade in Review
  2. Key practices for achieving large professional goals
  3. The Comprehensive Guide to Speaking at Technology Conferences in 2020
  4. Who are you trying to impress with your deadlines
  5. Work and success
  6. Talented Programmers, Who Are They