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Sources for .NET Weekly

As you have probably seen .NET Weekly #173 was the last issue in the upcoming months and years. Several people asked me to share the sources that I’ve used in order to compile the newsletter. So let’s start.

Twitter and Hacker News are the core of the newsletter. Another one is good old RSS feeds. But let’s make a slow start with the details.


Many engineers and managers from Microsoft are quite active in Twitter and a whole bunch of useful and interesting articles from the .net world and beyond either created, liked or retwitted by them. So if you follow the right people and check Twitter quite regularly (1+ time a day) you might find a lot of useful articles and links. HUGE thanks to all these people and organizations that bring so much interesting and inspiring stuff to this world. Here is the list:

  • David Flanagan - Author of JavaScript: The Definitive Guide;
  • Dapr - An event-driven, portable runtime for building microservices on cloud and edge;
  • Bill Wagner - Working at Microsoft, making content for C# and .NET, .NET Foundation Advisory Council;
  • Bartosz Sypytkowski - OSS contributor, blogger, sometimes speaker. FP, CRDTs, protocols and distributed programming;
  • umputun - a core founder of an awesome Ratio-T podact;
  • bobuk - one more core founder of Ratio-T podact;
  • Mikhail Shilkov - Mikhail created a lot of cloud-related articles and researches and now works and Pulumi;
  • Jeff Atwood - Indoor enthusiast. Co-founder of and;
  • Sophos - Human-engineered, AI-powered cybersecurity protection and guidance;
  • Naked Security - Award-winning security news, opinion, advice and research from Sophos;
  • PrivacyTools - Encryption against global mass surveillance with privacy tools.
  • Sentry - a cool tool to track problems in the apps;
  • Vladimir Reshetnikov - Senior Software Engineer, Intentional Exploration Team at Microsoft;
  • Kirill Osenkov - Developer tools at Microsoft. .NET, C#, Roslyn, Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, Editor, WPF, MSBuild, MEF, CPS;
  • Oren Eini - Oren Eini aka Ayende Rahien is the founder of Hibernating Rhinos which develops RavenDB, a NoSQL open source & ACID document database;
  • CVE - Official account maintained by the CVE Team to notify the community of new CVE IDs;
  • Bitwarden - Open source password management solutions for individuals, teams, and business organizations;
  • Envoy - C++ L7 proxy and communication bus;
  • CNCF - Cloud Native Foundation;
  • Cloudflare - no comments;
  • Ryan Nowak - Previously architect on ASP.NET Core/MVC/Blazor/Razor;
  • Anthony Lloyd;
  • Caddy Web Server - a web-server with HTTP2+ support and automatic certificate management;
  • VerneMQ - Highly scalable and performant open source MQTT Message Broker. Powering IoT and M2M industrial use cases;
  • Daniel Stenberg - the father of curl. Contributes a lot to the protocol standards creation;
  • Steve Klabnik;
  • Docker;
  • Bartosz Milewski - Physicist, software engineer (Haskell, C++), mathematician, category ‘tourist,’ writer, popularizer;
  • Andrew Lock “Sock” - an author of a whole bunch of useful dotnet-related posts;
  • Damian Edwards - Program Manager for all things .NET at Microsoft;
  • Karel Zikmund - Developer on .NET team in Microsoft - .NET Core, CoreFX GitHub repo;
  • Rich Lander;
  • Auth0 - a security platform for app builders;
  • Reuben Bond - dev at Microsoft working on MS Orleans;
  • Adrian Colyer - a lot of of scientific paper analysis could be found in his blog;
  • Michael Dubakov - Founder of Fibery, ex-founder of Targetprocess;
  • Adam Sitnik - BenchmarkDotNet maintainer;
  • Kevin Jones - Applied Cryptography and InfoSec. MS MVP & Insider;
  • Egor Bogatov - Developer at Microsoft, creates interesting stuff with optimizations and dotnet compiler;
  • Kirill Skrygan - JetBrains Rider team-lead;
  • Konrad Kokosa - Author of book, Microsoft MVP in .NET, architect, performance fan;
  • Ben Adams - dotnet foundation board director, 4x Microsoft MVP, performance guru;
  • Adam Furmanek - Software development engineer, public speaker, blogger, author of .NET Internals Cookbook;
  • Alexandre Mutel - Technical lead on the burst compiler at unity3d;
  • Dave Thomas;
  • Phillip Carter - doing F# and .NET stuff at Microsoft;
  • Julie Lerman - one of the EF creators;
  • Brock Allen - one of the creators of IdentityServer;
  • Dominick Baier - co-creator of IdentityServer;
  • Krzysztof Cieślak - the author of Ionide, building OSS tools and frameworks for developers. Enjoy his position on OSS, F# and Microsoft a lot;
  • Maoni Stephens - one of dotnet GC creators, performance guru;
  • Steve Gordon - created very useful and interesting dotnet-related content;
  • Redis News Feed;
  • GitLab;
  • Antirez - the creator of Redis;
  • Fira Code - a great font for developers;
  • Changelog - News & podcasts for developers;
  • Red Hat Ansible;
  • Mitchell Hashimoto - Founder of HashiCorp;
  • HashiCorp;
  • Tanner Gooding - Dev on .NET Libraries team working on Hardware Intrinsics and Numerics;
  • Vue.js News;
  • Damian Dulisz - vuejs core team member;
  • Vuetify.js - Material Component Framework for Vue;
  • Blake Newman - vuejs core team member;
  • Evan You - the creator of vuejs;
  • Vue.js - official vuejs twitter account;
  • React - official reactjs twitter account;
  • Dan Abramov - contributes a lot to reactjs;
  • Sergey Bykov - Lead of the Orleans project at Microsoft;
  • Martin Kleppmann - scientist, the author of “Bulding Data-Intensive Applications” book;
  • Have I Been Pwned - Check if you have an email address or password that has been compromised in a data breach;
  • Sasha Shinkevich - Full-stack Node.js Developer from Minsk, Belarus. Tech speaker, co-organizer of @MinskCSS, @MinskJS and @CSS_Minsk_JS Conference;
  • Troy Hunt - security expert, the creator of Have I Been Pwned;
  • Scott Helme - security expert;
  • V8 - Google’s high-performance open source JavaScript and WebAssembly engine;
  • Schneier Blog - Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author;
  • Go Hugo - A Fast and Flexible Static Site Generator built with love in GoLang;
  • Rick Strahl - a great author, a lot of interesting dotnet-related articles;
  • Scott Hunter - Director of Program Management @ Microsoft on .NET, Java and the Visual Studio family;
  • Pulumi - Modern Infrastructure as Code.;
  • Joe Ingeno - Software Architect | Developer | Author of Software Architect’s Handbook ;
  • Sergey Teplyakov - Developer at MSFT;
  • Axel Rauschmayer - contributes a lot to JavaScript and EcmaScript, an author of cool JS-related blog;
  • Michael Feathers - Author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code;
  • Kevin Montrose - SO dev;
  • Apache CouchDB - HTTP + JSON document database with Map Reduce views and bi-directional replication;
  • Jon Galloway - .NET Program Manager focusing on Mac;
  • Mark Seemann - an author of very interesting design/F#-related blog;
  • Vladimir Sadov - Compiler/runtime engineer at Microsoft;
  • Aerospike - NoSQL database;
  • Microsoft Orleans - Orleans is a framework that provides a straightforward approach to building distributed high-scale applications;
  • Jon Harrop;
  • Evelina Gabasova;
  • InfoQ - Facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in professional software development;
  • Sergey Tihon - the author of F# Weekly;
  • Scott Wlaschin - an F# enthusiast, the author of Rail-Oriented Programming approach;
  • Tomas Petricek - scientist, an F# enthusiast;
  • Akka.NET - Distributed actor runtime for .NET and .NET Core;
  • David Fowler - Partner Software Architect at Microsoft on the ASP.NET team;
  • Don Syme - F# language designer;
  • Nick Craver - Architecture Lead, Developer, Site Reliability Engineer & DBA at SO;
  • Immo Landwerth - Program manager on .NET at Microsoft. ;
  • Marc Gravell - Code geek working for Stack Overflow;
  • Jon Skeet - no comments :);
  • Steve Cleary - an author of cool dotnet multithreading books and a blog;
  • Andrey Akinshin - JetBrains Rider developer, BenchmarkDotNet maintainer;
  • Nat Friedman - CEO of GitHub;
  • Scott Hanselman - no comments :);
  • Eric Lippert - a former C# language design team member at Microsoft;
  • Anders Hejlsberg - the designer of Delphi and TypeScript PLs;
  • Sasha Goldshtein - contributes a lot of dotnet performance;
  • Martin Fowler - no comments :);
  • Uncle Bob Martin - no comments :);
  • Mads Torgersen - I’m the C# Language PM at Microsoft;
  • Matt Warren - a C# Dev who loves finding and fixing performance issues, Microsoft MVP, contributor to BenchmarkDotNet;
  • Dino Esposito - Digital strategist, software architect, trainer, technical writer;
  • Joe Duffy - Founder of Pulumi;
  • Yegor Bugayenko - Founder of; Author of ElegantObjects; Creator of zold, an author of interesting blog;
  • Miguel de Icaza - no comments.

Hacker News

Hacker News is my favourite source of information for the topics outside of .net. Based on my observation only the most “hype” news from the .net appear there so you will definitely need something more as well. At the same time a huge amount of useful articles about tools, architecture, databases, security, other technologies are the first-class citizens at Hacker News and I recommend to check it regularly as well.

I do this with the help of Mertialistic app for Android. Almost sure there will be something equally or more cool on iOS. In order to have the up-to-date information and do not spend a lot of time on going through the latest news I try to do this each day and visit only Best Stories and Top Stories sections. 30 mins in public transport or in the queue somewhere are usually enough.

RSS Feeds

I’ve tried to use different cloud-based services for them but returned to the tool I’ve started with - Mozilla Thunderbird. This is the one uber app that manages my multiple email accounts and RSS feeds. It is not the fastest and most fancy looking application but makes things done and this is what I need.

Here is the list of RSS feeds that I’m following:

Hope this will help everyone to find the sources they like most.